Westside Motorcycle Academy offers private training for new, re-entry and experienced riders. Use one of our bikes or ride your own. Custom packages available. Private lessons do not count as credit towards or replace CMSP MTC. Participants must wear sturdy boots, long sleeve shirt and long pants.

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WMA Skills Practice and Riding Refresher:  

                   Saturday March 17 (9am-12pm) Long Beach


Westside Motorcycle Academy is offering a riding refresher/skills practice on Saturday, March 17th at our Long Beach training range from 9am-12pm. It is a super fun way to brush up on riding and practice life saving skills (quick stops, cornering, swerving) in a safe controlled environment, without the pressure of passing a test. This is a refresher class for those who got trained and licensed and want more saddle time. Ride your bike or rent one of ours! Can you make it?
Saturday March 17th (9am-12pm)
Just Riding! Long Beach City College
Your bike: $150 
Our bike: $200
Skills Covered: Cornering, Quick Stops, Swerving, Merging and Slow Tight Turns. Riders will have an opportunity to work on an area of their choice.
Gear Required: Jeans (no holes), long sleeve shirt, full fingered gloves, sturdy over the ankle boots, M1 endorsement. (If you ride your bike, proof of insurance).
The course is limited to 12 riders.

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